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Founded in 2003 in São Paulo, Brazil, M506 Technology was originally a consultancy company providing management services for large corporate database systems. After its director and founder moved to the UK, the company was reestablished in its new home under the same name, but in a new business segment, as a video games development studio in 2017. We are now currently working on our first title: "Ilum", which is estimated to be released by 2022. In M506 Technology, we have a strong focus on player immersion and commitment to quality, but at the same time, we dare to experiment new concepts and approaches whenever possible, so our players can always know they will find fresh ideas in our games.


We prioritize immersion above all, so players can always feel more attached to our titles.


We will never allow any known bugs or technical issues to persist into our releases.


We are not afraid of experimenting new gameplay concepts and ideas, but we do take under consideration player feedback.

Our titles


Open world game that takes place in ancient Babylon and reproduces its archaeological findings and history.


Ilum is an open world game for PC. It includes elements of exploration and action, with an emphasis in city destruction. Taking place in ancient Babylon and the surrounding region, including cities like Borsippa, Sippar, Kutha and Kish, among others. The year is 539 BC, the time when the Babylonian empire feel to the Persians and its Jewish captives released from servitude after 70 years. As prophesied, Babylon must now be destroyed.

Ilum accurately depicts archaeological findings and cuneiform inscriptions from buildings such as the Tower of Babel, Hanging Gardens and Nebuchadnezzar’s palaces. The game is entirely voice-acted in the language spoken on those times by the Babylonians: Akkadian.

Message from the Director

"M506 Tec is a game studio devoted to experiment new concepts and provide the player base a type of immersion never seen before. Our main goal is to provide a game simulation that is complex and still interesting enough to keep players entertained for hours."

Marco Marques


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